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Winning Asylum Cases

~ Emmanuel Samonte Tipon Esquire ~

February 13, 2019

Most applications for immigration asylum are denied for want of trying. I should know. I worked as an immigration officer and processed a lot of immigration applications.

Many applicants submit immigration application forms that are incomplete, without supporting documents or with very few supporting documents. If there are supporting documents they are not well organized, and without explanation of their relevance to the immigration application.


Immigration Processing Delays 
(Causes, Effects, and Relief)

~ Emmanuel Samonte Tipon Esquire ~

July 20, 2018


The Obama administration and the Democrats are believed responsible for immigration processing delays. They want to have more Democratic voters. Birth rates are falling. The alternative is to bring more aliens to come to the United States. They want open borders. The illegal aliens are expected to become so grateful that they will vote Democratic. Many aliens have been voting according to reports. Democrats now control California. Gone are the days of Republican Governors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pete Wilson. The Democrats reportedly diverted immigration officers to process DACA and DAPA applications of illegal aliens instead of processing the immigration petitions of citizens and immigrants for eligible relatives and fiancees.

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Providing False Testimony to Obtain Immigration Benefits Could Prevent Naturalization

~ Emmanuel Samonte Tipon Esquire ~

March 1, 2017

This is significant since many naturalization applications have been denied on the ground of lack of good moral character.

An immigration officer, determined to deny an application for naturalization, will always find something in the applicant’s distant past to nail down the applicant.

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